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Detect bacteria in the tank

Mikrofiltertechnik Hamburg

The prerequisites for a well-functioning engine are well known: Cooling water, engine oil, electricity, air and fuel. If any of these components is compromised, the engine may fail. In most cases, the cause of engine failure is relatively easy to determine: Fuel filter clogging. This can occur as a result of inorganic mass: Dust, residue from hoses due to biodiesel exposure, aging residue from chemical processes, rust or foreign matter settles at the bottom of the tank. Organic mass such as bacteria in diesel also cause engine failures.

Indications of bacteria in the tank

If black, brown or isolated white slime can be seen in the filter, you have confirmation that bacteria are already present in your tank as cohesive structures. If they are small, individual crumbs, this is usually not an indication of bacterial infestation. In individual cases, it is dead microorganisms and bacteria.

With the addition of currently seven percent biodiesel, a higher water content in the diesel can be achieved, as water and diesel separate more slowly. This increases the likelihood of contamination by bacteria in the tank. A few microorganisms are thus transported into the filter, which in turn becomes moist and provides a favorable habitat for the bacteria.
However, spontaneous filter clogging does not necessarily have anything to do with dirt in the tank.

Other topics

Regardless of the causes, it is necessary to look directly into the tank by means of an opening. For this purpose, MFT Mikrofiltertechnik GmbH from Hamburg carries out so-called camera inspection. A small camera is guided into the tank and delivers images to a mobile device. On this you can see whether the bacteria have already deposited at the bottom of the tank.

More information about the Tank inspection can be found on our website or contact the people at MFT Mikrofiltertechnik GmbH in Geesthacht near Hamburg.

You can also test diesel fuel simply and reliably with mikrocount® fuel. You can find the product in the online-store of MFT Mikrofiltertechnik GmbH near Hamburg.


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