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General terms and conditions

of MFT Mikrofiltertechnik GmbH
Am Schleusenkanal 18-22, 21502 Geesthacht

1. General
The following terms and conditions of sale shall apply to all offers and acceptance of orders as well as to all deliveries made by MFT Mikrofiltertechnik GmbH (hereinafter referred to as "us"). They shall also apply to all future business relations between us and the ordering party. Terms and conditions other than these, in particular the Buyer's terms and conditions of purchase, shall not apply, even if they are not expressly rejected in any other form. By accepting the goods, the purchaser waives the application of his terms and conditions even if they claim exclusivity. Verbal agreements or assurances are invalid without our express written confirmation. Insofar as these Terms and Conditions of Sale do not contain any deviating provisions, the General Terms and Conditions of Delivery for Products and Services of the Electrical Industry shall apply in addition.

2. Prices
Our prices do not include packaging and shipping costs, software, separate accessories, installation, training, instruction or other ancillary services, unless these have been expressly agreed. We do not give a price guarantee for pre-orders of items that are not in stock, unless this has been agreed in writing. Price errors and misprints are expressly reserved.

3. Payment conditions
Unless otherwise agreed, payments shall be due immediately net without deduction from the date of invoice. If the payment deadline is exceeded, the customer shall be in default without reminder. We are entitled to charge interest of 5% points above the prime rate from the due date. We expressly reserve the right to claim further damage caused by default. In the event of default of payment by the customer, we may demand immediate payment of all outstanding claims and/or withdraw from all existing delivery contracts or, at our discretion, claim damages for non-performance, irrespective of any agreed payment terms. We are not obliged to accept bills of exchange or checks in payment. If these are accepted, acceptance shall only be on account of performance. Collection and discount costs as well as bill of exchange tax and other expenses shall be borne by the customer. These costs shall be reimbursed to us together with the invoice amount. The customer shall only be entitled to set-off, retention or reduction, even if notices of defects or counterclaims are asserted, if the counterclaims have been legally established and are based on the same contractual relationship. All payments shall in principle be credited against the oldest debt or a debt of our choice, irrespective of any provisions or statements of the Buyer to the contrary. Partial deliveries and partial services may be invoiced separately.

4. Shipping
The shipment is carried out by a forwarding agent of our choice. The risk is transferred to the buyer as soon as the shipment with the delivery items is handed over to the buyer by the carrier. The purchaser must immediately notify the carrier or freight forwarder of any obvious or detected transport damage and subsequently notify us in writing in order to be able to assert claims.

5. Delivery time
Delivery dates are given by us to the best of our judgement and are not binding. In the event of force majeure, operational disruptions, shortages of personnel, energy or raw materials, strikes or events for which we are not responsible, the delivery date shall be postponed by the duration of the disruption and its effects. If the delivery date is exceeded by more than two months, the purchaser may withdraw from the contract to the exclusion of all other claims and after setting a reasonable grace period for delivery. Under no circumstances shall the Purchaser be entitled to make covering purchases or to assert any claims for damages or other claims against us due to non-performance or delays in delivery, unless we are guilty of gross negligence.

6. Right of withdrawal for distance contracts
Dem Verbraucher im Sinne der §§355-357 BGB steht bei Fernabsatzverträgen ein Widerrufsrecht zu. Nach Maßgabe des Fernabsatzgesetzes hat er innerhalb zwei Wochen nach Erhalt der Ware die Möglichkeit, den Vertrag ohne Begründung zu widerrufen. Der Widerruf kann schriftlich oder telefonisch erfolgen; zur Fristwahrung genügt die rechtzeitige Anmeldung des Rückgabegesuches. Bei Ausübung des Widerrufsrechts trägt der Verbraucher bis zu einem Bestellwert von 50,- € die Rücksendekosten. Die Rücksendung soll in der Originalverpackung erfolgen. Wertminderungen aus bestimmungsgemäßem Gebrauch oder fehlenden Teilen sind vom Verbraucher zu erstatten, es sei denn, die Minderung ist lediglich auf die Prüfung der Ware zurückzuführen. Beschädigte Waren sind von dieser Regelung ausgeschlossen. Ein Widerrufsrecht besteht grundsätzlich nicht bei: CDs, DVDs, CD-ROMs, Software, Lizenzen und Videos, welche vom Verbraucher entsiegelt wurden. Bei Waren, die nach Kundenspezifikation gefertigt oder angepasst wurden, z.B. Komplett-Systeme, ist ein Widerrufsrecht ausdrücklich ausgeschlossen. Bei einer Rückgabe darf die original Verkaufsverpackung und die Displayfolien bei Mobiltelefonen weder beschädigt; beschriftet; noch zerstört sein. Bei fehlender oder zerstörter original Verkaufsverpackung erfolgt bei der Gutschrifterstellung ein Abzug von 15% vom Bruttowarenwert.

7. Goodwill withdrawal / refusal of acceptance
7.1: After expiry of the two-week revocation period or in the case of buyers who are not consumers within the meaning of §§ 355- 357 of the German Civil Code (BGB), goods shall only be taken back in the event of demonstrably incorrect delivery. In the case of requests for exchange or return of goods for which MFT Mikrofiltertechnik GmbH is not responsible, processing shall only take place after written confirmation by MFT Mikrofiltertechnik GmbH. The basic prerequisite for this shall be that the goods are in a resalable condition. The refund amount to be expected shall be based on the resale price to be achieved at the time of receipt, less a cancellation/processing fee of 15% of the invoice amount.
7.2: If a buyer who is not a consumer within the meaning of §§ 355-357 BGB does not accept the sold goods, we shall be entitled to insist on acceptance or to demand 15% of the purchase price as a lump-sum compensation for damages and expenses, unless the buyer proves that a lesser amount of damage has been incurred. We reserve the right to claim higher damages. For the duration of the buyer's default in acceptance, MFT Mikrofiltertechnik GmbH shall be entitled to store the delivery items on its premises, with a forwarding agent or with a warehouse keeper at the buyer's risk. During the period of default in acceptance the buyer shall pay MFT Mikrofiltertechnik GmbH a flat rate of € 10 per month for the storage costs incurred without further proof. The lump-sum compensation shall be reduced to the extent that the customer proves that no expenses or damage have been incurred. In the event of exceptionally high storage costs, we reserve the right to assert these.

8. Retention of title
All deliveries shall be made subject to retention of title. The delivered goods remain our property until full payment of all claims arising from the business relationship, including all ancillary claims (in the case of payment by check or bill of exchange until they are honored). The customer may neither pledge the goods subject to retention of title nor assign them as security. The purchaser must inform us immediately by telephone or fax of any access by third parties to the goods delivered under retention of title, but in any case also in writing. If the customer is in arrears with payment to us, we shall be entitled to take back the goods subject to retention of title and to enter the customer's business premises for this purpose. The customer shall be entitled to combine the goods subject to retention of title with goods of third parties in the ordinary course of business; in this case we shall acquire co-ownership of the new items created by the combination in the ratio of the value of the combined or newly created items pursuant to § 947 BGB. If the customer sells the combined or newly produced items in which we have co-ownership rights, the customer hereby assigns to us as security its purchase price claims against its customers in proportion to the value of our co-ownership rights and hereby authorizes us to collect the claim in our own name. If the realizable value of the securities exceeds the outstanding claims by more than 10%, we shall release the excess amount of the securities at the request of the customer. The customer shall be entitled to sell the goods in the ordinary course of business. He already assigns all his claims against the purchaser arising from the resale to us as security. The purchaser is authorized and obliged to collect the claims as long as we do not revoke this authorization. The purchaser's authorization to collect shall expire without express declaration on our part if the purchaser ceases to make payments. We shall not make use of our collection authorizations if the customer meets his payment obligations.

9. Warranty / Disclaimer
9.1: We warrant for a period of 24 months from the date of delivery that the delivery items are free from defects according to the respective state of the art. Liability for normal wear and tear is excluded. For used goods, the warranty period is 12 months from the date of delivery. After the expiry of 6 months from the date of purchase, it is the customer's responsibility to prove that the delivery item is not free of defects. Insignificant deviations in color, dimensions and/or other quality and performance characteristics of the goods do not justify any claims of the buyer, especially not for warranty.
9.2: We do not assume any warranty for defects and damages resulting from unsuitable or improper use or handling and non-observance of application instructions. The same applies to defects and damages which are due to fire, lightning, explosion or network-related overvoltages, moisture of any kind, incorrect or missing software and/or processing data, unless the purchaser proves that these circumstances are not the cause of the defect complained about.
9.3: The warranty shall expire if the buyer carries out interventions and/or repairs on equipment or has them carried out by persons who have not been authorized by MFT Mikrofiltertechnik GmbH, provided that the defect that has occurred is due to this.
9.4: Obvious defects must be reported in writing without delay, but no later than ten working days after receipt of the delivery; otherwise claims for defects shall be excluded. In commercial transactions, §§ 377, 387 HGB shall apply additionally.
9.5: Insofar as a defect in the purchased item occurs within one year of the delivery date, the consumer shall be entitled to assert a right to rectification of defects or subsequent performance at his discretion. Within the scope of a new delivery, the exchange into products of equal or higher value shall already be deemed accepted. If the chosen type of supplementary performance involves disproportionately high costs, the claim shall be limited to the remaining type of supplementary performance. Further rights, in particular the cancellation of the purchase contract, can only be asserted after the expiry of a reasonable period for subsequent performance or the failure of subsequent performance twice for each defect.
9.6: After the expiry of the first year, the claim shall generally be limited to rectification of defects, as the costs incurred are regularly disproportionately high for the specific industry (§ 439 II BGB). Should MFT Mikrofiltertechnik GmbH replace the defective product with a higher-quality one in the course of rectification of the defect, this shall be deemed to have been accepted already now. Further rights, in particular the rescission of the purchase contract, may only be asserted after the expiry of a reasonable period for subsequent performance or if subsequent performance fails twice.
9.7: If the Buyer is an entrepreneur, we shall be entitled to choose between rectification of defects or new delivery within one year from the date of delivery within the meaning of § 439 BGB. After the expiry of one year from the date of delivery, his warranty claims shall be limited to rectification of defects or credit note for the current value at our discretion. Should the entrepreneur demand reimbursement of expenses within the meaning of § 478 II BGB, this shall be limited to a maximum of 1% of the original value of the goods.
9.8: No new warranty/guarantee periods shall come into force as a result of a replacement under the warranty/guarantee; § 203 shall remain unaffected.
9.9: Unless expressly agreed otherwise, further claims of the Buyer - irrespective of the legal grounds - are excluded. We shall therefore not be liable for damage not directly caused to the delivery item; in particular, we shall not be liable for loss of profit or other financial losses of the Buyer. The foregoing exemption from liability shall not apply if the damage is due to intent, gross negligence or lack of a warranted characteristic, breach of material contractual obligations, delay in performance, impossibility, as well as claims under §§ 1, 4 of the Product Liability Act. We shall not be liable for the recovery of data unless we have caused the loss intentionally or by gross negligence and the buyer has ensured that a data backup has been made so that the data can be reconstructed with reasonable effort.

10. Haftungsausschluss Dienstleitungen

10.1: Der Auftragnehmer haftet nicht für Schäden an Tankanlagen die nach einer Tankreinigung sichtbar werden. Für lochfrassbedingte Schäden an Aluminium- oder Stahltanks die erst nach entfernen der Schlamm-, Rost- oder Alterungsschicht frei liegen und sichtbar werden übernimmt der Auftragnehmer keinerlei Haftung. Etwaige Forderungen des Auftraggeber nach Tankreparaturen oder Austausch der Tankanlagen durch den Auftragnehmer sind daher nicht rechtens und werden grundsätzlich abgelehnt.

11. Abtretung
We are entitled to assign our claims.

12. Teilunwirksamkeit
Should individual provisions of these terms and conditions be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The invalid provisions shall be replaced by the legally permissible regulation or handling which corresponds or comes closest to the intended economic purpose.

13. Erfüllungsort / Gerichtsstand
The place of performance is Geesthacht and the place of jurisdiction for all liabilities arising in connection with our deliveries is Geesthacht. The place of jurisdiction Geesthacht shall also apply to claims in document, bill of exchange and check proceedings as well as in dunning proceedings. The same place of jurisdiction shall apply if the customer has no general place of jurisdiction in Germany, moves his place of residence or habitual abode out of Germany after conclusion of the contract or if his place of residence or habitual abode is not known at the time the action is brought. However, we shall also be entitled, at our own discretion, to sue the customer at any other place of jurisdiction established for him. The domestic law of the Federal Republic of Germany is exclusively agreed between the parties.

Data privacy
In accordance with §26 (1) of the Data Protection Act, we would like to point out that all customer and supplier-related data is stored and processed by us using electronic data processing.
As of: 01.06.2005

Yours MFT Mikrofiltertechnik GmbH


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