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Dieselbakterien im Tank

MFT Mikrofiltertechnik GmbH

Many customers turn to MFT Mikrofiltertechnik GmbH from Geesthacht near Hamburg because their fuel filter is clogged, engines fail or tanks are contaminated. Microorganisms, so-called diesel bacteria, are responsible for this.

Due to the explosive nature of the topic, MFT Mikrofiltertechnik GmbH from Geesthacht near Hamburg has compiled interesting facts about the development of diesel bacteria as well as possibilities for combating and preventing them. Years of experience make us a professional contact.

Origin of diesel bacteria in the tank

Microorganisms are of existential importance for all life on earth. They are among the first living organisms on our planet and cover 70 percent of the total biomass. An outstanding characteristic of microorganisms is that they adapt to all environments, whether heat, cold, radiation or pressure, and are viable almost everywhere. The water content in the tank, the prevailing temperature and the food source are crucial for the growth and reproduction of diesel bacteria. Under favorable conditions, fungi, bacteria and yeasts can multiply in diesel fuels and lubricating oils. Condensed water collects at the bottom of the tank due to day/night respiration of the tank and is dispersed in the fuel.

Other topics

In addition, chemically bound elements such as sulfur, phosphorus and trace elements in diesel are crucial for growth.

The cause of the presence of diesel bacteria in the tank is not clearly detectable. On the one hand, there is the possibility of picking them up during refueling. On the other hand, they can also be added when the fuel is already in your tank. If microorganisms get to the boundary layer of diesel fuel/water or oil/water, it is possible for them to oxidize, form germs as well as grow.

If your tank is free of water, you will not have a problem with diesel bacteria.

If you want to offer your customers an address for tank cleaning, there is a flyer to print in the download section.


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