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Diesel Additiv Clean-Diesel InSyPro®

Mikrofiltertechnik GmbH aus Geesthacht

MFT Mikrofiltertechnik GmbH from Geesthacht near Hamburg offers the 2-in-1 diesel additive Clean-Diesel InSyPro® especially for diesel engines and the DCR® common rail system from Deutz. Stricter exhaust gas laws as well as regulations on the admixture of bio-diesel place special demands on diesel engines of all types. Depending on the level and type of bio-diesel content, such as rapeseed oil or palm oil, as well as on temperature and oxygen content, the additives degrade, oxidize and form deposits. In many injection systems, this can cause injectors and filters to clog.

Engine failure, costly downtimes and expensive maintenance are the result. The diesel additive Clean-Diesel InSyPro® from Deutz has proven itself as a solution to this problem. High-quality ingredients and uncomplicated application are among the features of this additive for diesel fuels, in addition to its low environmental impact.

The diesel additive Clean-Diesel InSyPro® is approved for:

DEUTZ engines

all diesel and biodiesel fuels approved by DEUTZ


In addition to effective cleaning, the original DEUTZ Clean-Diesel InSyPro® also promises a long-term effect. The original engine performance can be stabilized and future contamination prevented.

Effect of the diesel additive Clean-Diesel InSyPro®:

Deposits in the injection system are dissolved

Smoke levels can be normalized

Protection against corrosion and optimized lubrication

Reduction of fuel consumption

Oxidation stability is promoted

Filter fouling can be reduced

Storage time for fuels is extended

Safe start of the engine after pause in operation

For new equipment as well as for equipment in operation, the use of Diesel Additive is worthwhile for the following applications:

Launch problems and increased smoke levels

High device utilization

Inferior fuel qualities

Engine preservation

Stand-by mode

Operation with biodiesel and fuels with biodiesel content

Repeated application of the diesel additive is possible not only in the case of existing anomalies, but also as a preventive measure. In addition to cleaning with Clean-Diesel InSyPro® , lubricating oil replacement also provides additional safety.

MFT Mikrofiltertechnik GmbH from Geesthacht near Hamburg has provided further information and advice on the application of the diesel additive in the Download section compiled. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team by phone or by e-mail available.

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