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Dieselfeinstfilter MO

Fuel filter with best result

Original fuel filters cannot always sufficiently absorb dirt, deposits and particles. Especially bio-diesel mixtures and different fuel qualities can lead to service life restrictions and even engine failure. With the MO filter, MFT Mikrofiltertechnik GmbH has developed a prefilter with a fineness of five or one micrometer, respectively, which has a very high dirt holding capacity.

An activator integrated into the fuel filter reduces the surface tension of the fuel, optimizes combustion and atomization in the injection system, and extends the service life of the fuel filter.

The own experience of MFT Mikrofiltertechnik GmbH from Geesthacht near Hamburg and reports from our customers show: The MO filter not only ensures a reliable fuel supply, but also saves money thanks to lower consumption.

The MO filter is not only suitable as a fuel filter, but also for various applications:

Vegetable oil substitute

The vegetable oils currently on offer, especially the cold-pressed oils, often contain residual substances that can lead to malfunctions in the normal fuel filter and to poor combustion with far-reaching consequences. The excellent properties of the MO filter provide a technical improvement and more safety here.

Heating oil substitute:

Fuel oils are also often contaminated due to aging processes and tank cleaning that is not carried out frequently enough, which leads to filter blockages and burner failures. By using the fuel filter, these contaminants are bound and malfunctions can be avoided. However, the main advantage of the MO filter in heating oil operation is the better atomization of the fuel, which leads to longer burner runtimes and a reduction in consumption.

Special form SMO2-HZ:

In CHP units that are operated with palm oil, it must be ensured that the palm oil can be liquefied again after longer standstills. With the SMO2-HZ, this is done with the aid of an electric heating band (230 volts or 24 volts). A microswitch limits the temperature upwards.

MO filter installation and cartridge change


The MO filter is installed in the fuel circuit upstream of the factory filter technology in a vertical position with the connections facing upwards. The fuel filter should be located in a warm place in the engine compartment. Due to the finned structure of the housing, the MO filter acts as an additional heat exchanger to the fuel.

Cartridge change:

As a depth filter, the MO filter has a high dirt-holding capacity. Nevertheless, the cartridge should be replaced every 30,000 kilometers or during normal service. To do this, unscrew the cover with the connections and pull the cartridge out upwards.

Sizes and technical data of the fuel filter

The MO filter is available in different sizes depending on fuel consumption:

< 8 Liter / 100 Kilometer > Größe MO1

8 – 20 Liter / 100 Kilometer > Größe MO2

> 20 Liter / 100 Kilometer > Größe MO3

Technical data of the fuel filter:

Housing dimension (Øa x l): 120 x 140/240/340 millimeters

Material: Aluminum, PBT

Connections: Banjo bolt M16 x 1.5 millimeter; for hose diameter 8/10/12 millimeter

Mounting screws M10

Cartridge dimensions (Øi x Øa x l): 30 x 79 x 100/200/300 millimeters

Further details on the fuel filter, instructions for installation and information on filtration are available in the Download section of MFT Mikrofiltertechnik GmbH from Geesthacht near Hamburg. The different versions of the fuel filter MO are also available in the online-store ready.


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