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Filterverstopfung vorbeugen mit Bioziden

MFT GmbH Hamburg

Even if you do not have problems with a clogged filter or discover indications in the pre-filter, there may be bacterial contamination in the tank. The reason is that the movements of the vehicle in cooperation with the tank design are individual. Depending on the shape of the tank bottom, the baffles and the height of the suction for fuel extraction, it is not generally possible to predict whether bacteria are not present in the tank.

Our recommendation

MFT Mikrofiltertechnik GmbH from Hamburg advises taking a close look at the tank and taking preventive measures. A biocide should be regularly added to the new fuel to prevent the development of bacteria.

Other topics

MFT Mikrofiltertechnik GmbH from Hamburg recommends the biocide grotamar 82 for this purpose. In addition, have a water separation filter installed as a safety measure to determine what is transported from the tank into the engine.

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