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Laboratory testing for water, bacteria and other

The fact that bacterial growth is possible in diesel fuel is now known to many, but other changes to the fuel are also possible. The storability, for example, has significantly decreased due to the bio-content and leads, in stationary plants (e.g. emergency generators) or little used plants, more and more often to problems. From a certain ageing progress, this can also no longer be prevented by additives and the fuel must be disposed of, which entails considerable costs.

Analysis of the actual state of the fuel

Whether diesel fuel is still storable can be examined in the laboratory (oxidation stability). For a determination to be made about the condition of the fuel, an examination must be carried out. For the examination for bacteria, yeasts and molds, the sample should be taken from the bottom of the tank, if possible, since the concentration is highest there. For the test for storability, the sampling location is irrelevant. The team of MFT Mikrofiltertechnik GmbH from Hamburg will be happy to assist you with advice and support as well as the appropriate technical equipment.

Examination for oxidation stability (shelf life) in the laboratory

An examination of diesel fuel or heating oil in the laboratory takes about 4-5 days. The test result gives a value in h (hours), but this value is not convertible into real time. New fuel has about a value of 65-70h, from a value below 20h the fuel is not salvageable. If the value is above 20h it is possible to change the value by a Additiv to increase and prolong the shelf life

Examination for bacteria in the laboratory

A laboratory analysis takes approximately eight to nine days. The sample of fuels or a filter is distributed onto a prepared sample carrier and "incubated" for five days under controlled conditions.
The result is a complex picture of bacteria, yeasts, molds and spores in the examined sample. Accordingly, the further procedure must be determined. MFT Mikrofiltertechnik GmbH from Hamburg, for example, offers a professional Tank cleaning and high quality Diesel additives.

If you would like to have an analysis performed on your fuel, contact us by telephone or by e-mail to MFT Mikrofiltertechnik GmbH from Geesthacht near Hamburg and send us the fuel sample.

Easily and reliably you can also test diesel fuel with Microb-Monitor GMF. You can find the product in the online-store of MFT Mikrofiltertechnik GmbH near Hamburg.


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