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grotamar 82 diesel preservation

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Attention! Due to a new EU regulation, the sale of this additive to private users is prohibited from 01.12.2018!!!

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Grotamar82 is a biocidal product. Please use with care. Always read the label and product information before use.

grotamar82 diesel conservation

The fact that there can be diesel bacteria or even bio-sludge in diesel fuels is now nothing new for many.

The addition of biogenic components to diesel fuel has greatly increased the risk of bacterial contamination of the fuel. The biodiesel content acts like a sponge for water and thus drives the living basis for bacteria into the fuel.

When this biosludge has reached a certain size, this leads in most cases to a clogging of the fuel filter and thus results in a failure of the engine. For road vehicles or stationary equipment this is very annoying but has "at first" no bad consequences, but for watercraft the failure of the engine in most cases leads to an inability to maneuver and thus to the loss of control of the ship.

In ships, the engine is most needed when traveling through "heavy water" and it is in these cases that this problem occurs.

To avoid such a situation, which can be life threatening, it is advisable to use grotamar82.

This biocide ensures that no bacteria can form in the free or bound water or if any are already present these are killed. However, if a significant amount of biosludge has already formed in the tank, it is imperative to have the tank cleaned before using grotamar82.

The application of grotamar82 is relatively simple, it can be added to the fuel before or after refueling because this biocide distributes itself in the fuel.

Please refer to the following table for the mixing ratio:

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